Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits & Side Effects


A lot of recipes call for apple cider vinegar to be used but did you know that it can also be used as an all natural medical product too? Ever wonder why your parents often have a bottle of apple vinegar in the kitchen? Chances are you are not aware of the benefits of this vinegar. It can be used for a lot of health benefits that hit a lot of different categories. It is mostly used when cooking meals to give your dishes a distinct flavor. Meat, fish and even chicken are marinated in this mixture and it can also be used on salads as well. There are two types avaible in the market today; one is the distilled variety while the other is the pure one.

To differentiate the two, the distilled variety is the clear and sparkling one. However, it doesn’t contain any health benefits at all. On the other hand, the pure one that is brownish in color with some substance floating around is the best one to purchase since it contains all the health benefits that you are after. So what are these benefits of this vinegar that everyone is interested in?

Here Are The List of Benefits As Below:

Weight Loss:

This is probably the most popular use of this natural medicine. There is a popular diet known as the apple cider vinegar weight loss diet program that is used by millions in order to lose weight and keep it off. It is believed that this type of vinegar will speed up metabolism and help lose the weight that a person is looking to lose.

Essential Minerals and Vitamins

This diet makes an excellent addition to weight loss programs since it contains several minerals and vitamins that are essential to keep the body healthy while losing weight. It contain the vitamins A, B1, E, C, B2, P, B6 and the beneficial minerals iron, sodium, copper, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, which the human body needs in order to function normally. With all these minerals and vitamins, it ensures that those individuals who are dieting will still get proper nutrition while cutting back in fat and calories.

In addition, it also contains a rich amount of fiber, which has a significant contribution for weight loss. Fiber is also useful to manage and normalize the body’s sugar levels, which helps in weight reduction and diabetes prevention.

How It Works

It functions in many different ways to promote weight loss effectively and safely. It can work as a beneficial appetite suppressant, which helps increase metabolism as well as remove water retention. This is one of the best health benefits.

Another valuable benefit is that it can also serve as an antioxidant to eliminate unwanted wastes and harmful toxins present in the body. With all these things, it can help reduce your weight while keeping the body clean.

How to Use It

To use it as a natural weight loss solution, combine 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 16 ounces of purified water. Drink the solution once a day, at the most convenient time for you. Along with this should be a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Help Digestive Problems:

It is believed to help with constipation and diarrhea. It is believed that the liquid coats the stomach and colon and will help regulate the body and keep it functioning properly.

Benefits for the skin:

Other benefits include improving your skin’s appearance. Acne and age spots are believed to be cured by ingesting or using this type of product on the body. It is also believed to help sooth sun burns and rashes that itch. It is also believed to help reduce the signs of cellulite.

Help in regulating your blood pressure:

This is due to Pectin which is a type of fiber that works by lowering your cholesterol levels. It can help you fight back high blood pressure. Drinking this vinegar is said to help lower your cholesterol levels that is why it is that much easier for you to regulate your blood pressure.

Aside from this, the use of this cider vinegar in your meals helps in extracting the calcium from fruits and vegetables. Since you need to replace the calcium in your body as you grow old, using it in your meals can be to your advantage.


Apple vinegar is high in potassium content which means that your body can withstand any type of diseases that are normally associated with potassium deficiency. Some examples of this are hair loss, brittle teeth, runny nose, weak finger nails and the like.  If you want to avoid these health problems, including this vinegar in your daily meals is definitely worth doing. Another benefit of potassium is that it helps eliminate those harmful toxins from your body.


Diabetics are believed to take this apple vinegar to help regulate blood sugar. While there are also the use of this vinegar to help cure sinus infections, sore throats, body odor, and other odd illnesses. It is also used to increase a body’s stamina and increases a body’s immune system.

Defeat Common Ailments

Another reason why you should buy this vinegar is that it combats common ailments like weak bones, diarrhea, sore eyes, hair loss, obesity and even chronic fatigue.


It doesn’t usually cost that much regardless of its form. It is usually priced reasonably so you can stock up on these anytime you want. You won’t even run out of places to purchase these since health and grocery stores do have these products on sale. You can even order one online if you like.

There are many health benefits for drinking and using this kind of vinegar. There are multiple forms from pills to the liquid that can be mixed with other types of products. Depending on the type of cure that one is looking for the form will make a difference. Whether it is diabetes, weight loss, skin problems or digestive issues. Who knew that something that is normally used for cooking could have so many health benefits when taken alone.

Side Effects

Because the benefits and effects have not been thoroughly studied, it is not known whether or not the supplement is safe when regularly taken as a medical supplement. In fact, some studies have shown that consuming just 8 ounces of this vinegar each day on an on-going basis may lead to problems like osteoporosis and low potassium. One report has shown that a person who took 250 mL each day for 6 years developed weak bones and low potassium levels. Another woman experienced tenderness and pain in her voice box and difficulty swallowing that lasted for 6 months after having an apple cider vinegar tablet stuck in her throat for 30 minutes. In this case, doctors believe that the damage was caused by the high acid content of the tablet.

Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should not take apple cider vinegar supplements because not enough is known about the supplement’s safety. Those with diabetes also should avoid using it because there is a concern that high dosages or long-term usage can increase the loss of potassium in people with diabetes. Until further study is performed, there is little information regarding the frequency and severity of all side effects that may be caused by this vinegar.

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