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Ideal Protein (IP) products come in 8 types as seen below.


  • Blueberry, Cranberry & Pomegranate
  • Cappuccino
  • Pineapple and Banana
  • Orange
  • Peach and Mango
  • Chocolate (best served warm like a hot chocolate)
  • Pina Colada
  • Wildberry Yogurt
  • Pink Lemonade


  • Crispy Cereal
  • Crepes (cooked after mixed)
  • Herbs and Cheese Omelette (cooked after mixed)
  • Maple Oatmeal (cooked after mixed)*
  • Chocalate Pancakes (cooked after mixed)*
  • Orange Pancakes (cooked after mixed)*


  • Chicken Soup (heated)
  • Leek Soup (heated)
  • Mushroom Soup (heated)
  • Spaghetti Bolognese**
  • Vegetable Chili**
  • Hearty Stew Mix**

Desserts / Snacks

  • BBQ Ridges*
  • Salt & Vinegar Ridges*
  • Butterscotch Pudding
  • Banana Pudding
  • Vanilla Pudding
  • Chocolate Pudding
  • Lemon Pudding
  • Strawberry Pudding
  • Caramel Nut Bar*
  • Cookies & Cream Bar
  • Choco-Raspberry Bar*
  • White-Choco Cinnamon Bar*
  • Lemon Poppy Seed Bar*
  • Cran-Granata Bar*
  • Vanilla Peanut Bar*
  • Raspberry Jelly
  • Garlic & Onion Soy Nuts*
  • BBQ Soy Nuts*
  • Chocolate Soy Puffs (taste like malted milk chocolate candies)*

* Restricted foods should only be had once per day

** Once per week


In order to remain healthy and feel great, you will be taking some supplements to get all the necessary nutrients to live a great life. The six supplements that Ideal Protein (IP) recommends are:

  • Calcium-Magnesium
  • Potassium-Calcium
  • Multi-Vitamin
  • Antioxidants
  • Enzymes

You can find supplements in your local drug store that are similar and cheaper if you compare labels, but be very careful. You may be saving a few dollars, but keep in mind that the IP doctors have created these supplements specifically for this program and varying the levels of the nutrients may not provide you the performance that you’d get on their supplements. Also, check with you doctor to make sure that you won’t be harming yourself with replacements. Don’t arbitrarily execute a chemistry experiment on your body without consulting an expert.

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