Swollen Tonsils


Almost every person is aware of the tonsils. These are the small glandular tissues in the roof of mouth or at the base of tongue and starting edge of the throat. One can easily see them in the mirror by opening the mouth wide. These are located in the throat to protect the intake of dangerous germs. The antibody cells kill and stop the bacteria or viruses to harm the body and stop from being infected. Although they are very helpful, necessary and essential, yet they can turn out to be a pain for people. These can be either naturally thick that cease the intake of the food particles or the inhaling. This is not a disease, neither are they affected by some infection. But, removing these kinds of swollen tonsils is beneficial.

The swelling of the tonsils is not only natural. Sometimes, due to some throat infection, flu, influenza or lung disease the tonsils swell and get infected. These tonsil stones can be extremely hurting and become visible even outside the jaw bone or over face. The redness occurs like rashes over the skin and it becomes very hard to eat, chew, drink and talk. Talking specially hurts the neck and the back of the mouth. The overall face becomes bigger and thicker. The one major reason of the swollen tonsils is the throat infection or the flu. As both are linked to each other, the virus or bacteria that affect the throat, affects the tonsils too. The doctors in such a case give antibodies to kill the germs that brought the harm to the system. The cough syrups are used to control the rash or irritation. This swelling is merely a result of the infection and can be easily controlled by medicines. Thus, there is absolutely no need of removing them.

Swollen tonsils should be avoided for a longer period of time. If not controlled on time, they can be extremely dangerous for the whole body immune system. Thus, immediate consultation with the physician or ENT should be made to avoid any future problems. There are many home remedies for the swollen ones too. These should always be tried first before going to the doctor. These include, doing gargles of the warm salty water, the use of honey, green tea and the herbal tea of the cloves. The mint tea is also very effective. All these home remedies are extremely helpful and efficient for these tonsils. These natural solutions are good to try as they don’t have any side effects like antibodies or other medicines.

The tonsils that are swollen by birth are removed by the doctors. These are removed by the doctors through various methods. They either do the surgery in which the risk is of the bleeding or other infections. Or they use the other methods like laser. The laser is not considered as a good option as it can have a lot of side effects. But it is gaining repute over the time slowly.

Thus, swollen tonsils are of two types. One brought about by some infection of throat and the other by birth. Both are not good for the health and the body immune system and have to be controlled somehow or the other.

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